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My First Negative Feedback about February 26, 2009

Negative Feedback about

I really wonder why so called, India’s First & Biggest Search Marketing Conference (Unconference) website goes down, even the day or two before being the event happening. I like the SearchCamp event but in SearchCamp2007, the same thing happened, specially 1 or 2 days before the event being held. I really do not know how many of us have noticed it. Some times I feel about politics going behind the camp which we are not able to see. It’s just my personal opinion and sixth sense. It may not be correct.

I also noticed that after few months of the searchcamp2007 event held, website goes down and before few months of searchcamp2009 the site goes up but it’s god grace that mailing list works fine during the years and we are able to connect at least to each other. In between what’s happening. I am not sure. What is motive behind it. Is there any game playing behind it or motive is to gain personal popularity instead of team work.

I am quite sure that my browser loads all the other websites even the top alexa ranking holder works fine in my web browser. Then why the website of highly respected search marketers website goes down whose real target is to bring traffic to serve their audience.

What here is even supporter, blogger send industry relevant traffics to website but the website is not able to convert them since the site is not in the position to respond them or give them proper information when it’s in down situation.

I am not compaining about the event & about knowledge foundation since I know that we other are just like audience meeting their for only two days but real hard work is done by The Knowledge Foundation. Who knows how much days and night they have involved to make this event successful but I really want that it should not happen again since we as search marketer must be more careful about the site and it’s conversion. Web visitor must not be return back and dissatisfied.

I have noticed the down website at least 20 times between 2007 & 2009. Some times after 20-30 minutes,its works fine. I am really fade up with this type of visibility and hence could not stop myself to post on my blog even though my blog is more related to the technology, business events happening in india but it’s some thing which is negative post about event visibilty, not about the event since I feel that it is my own event I need to make it much improved in coming years. Any body can assume it my feedback to improve. I have never written any negative about the visibility of event happening around. I thought first not to write the post but it’s need of the time and we all must rectify it.

Looking for solution for this and hope it should be a discussion point while SearchCamp2009 whether I raise this question in SearchCamp or not. Does it hosting problem or any other and if yes, rectify it but as it seems it is not hosting problem since we are getting a page showing site under maintenance so hosting is well.

I admit, your view may be different about it, hence, Looking for you comments, views about it.


4 Responses to “My First Negative Feedback about”

  1. Ezhil Says:

    Totally agree with you.

    Its my personal fault for being irresponsible and letting the site go down… The hosting guys have let us down again, and we are moving it to a new dedicated server, and there shouldn’t be no issues with it from now on.

    Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂


  2. Palani Says:

    Thanks for the Feedback. We assure you that no such thing would repeat in the future.
    There is just no motive behind it….its just that the “Servers” that had let us down. The events organized by TKF has all been by the “TEAM” and there is no motive behind the site’s unavailability.
    When we take collective responsibility for “SUCCESS”, this failure is a collective responsibility of TKF TEAM. So no individual is here to be blamed.


  3. preity Says:

    when will the next searchcamp held ?


  4. Margo Selvan Says:

    Keep checking this blog. I will update when the next SearchCamp announcement will be made.

    Hope you will get benefiet.


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