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Arjun, The new blogger for June 20, 2012

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Dear Readers,

As you are aware that I started this blog on August 27, 2008, for updating indian technology enthusiast or who ever at other continent interested in technology, events in india and about the changes happening around us on DAILY basis for new technology, new products, business events, conferences, UnConferences surrounding technology and other relevant updates and I done this untill now. Thanks for my blog visitors who always inspired me to do so hope you will like all of our future posts as well.

Well, in order to continue growing this blog and providing regular updates, I’ve decided to invite my good friend to join me in blogging who is also tech enthusiast. So, it is matter of great pleasure and privilege that I have the distinct honor of introducing new blogger Arjun to you. He will be writing blog post on certain categories such as Technology, Tips & Tricks, Ethical Hacking, ‘How To’ stuffs and we will open other new category in near future as well.


One Response to “Arjun, The new blogger for”

  1. armatearjun Says:

    Dear Margo Neem:
    Thanks for inviting me as contributor to this blog.

    Dear Reader:
    Intracting with the users and helping to the user with relevant blog post will be my primary concern.

    Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post and most important is, I require your support and encouragement by way of your comment on blog. Your comments will drive me to dig dipper into the information suitable to you and will update the same.

    If you are missing anything in this blog, anything, your most welcome to comment. We read each comment and take approriate action on each comment.

    Hope, This would be good start for my first blog post to my users. I will write good blog posts useful to blog users.


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