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About Me, My Thought and My Bangalore August 27, 2008

Hi Friends,

I feel myself in between technology and business. Neither hard core geek nor a successful business person till now. But moving ahead and soon will be both of them, if god is with me. 2nd I do my hardwork and last but not the least Luck.

Not a bangalorean by birth but by heart. Living here since last 6 years and will not leave it. How costly it would be, how much traffic it may be. I like native bangalorean. Bangalore Gardens, NGO’s , Organisation whom ever I met till now.

Do you love bangalore? Do you have willing to do something for banglaore?

If your answer is yes, Post in this blog regularly, comment it. Help me, Help yourself to get updated information about technology , events and business in bangalore.

I am also looking for suggestion from you, what you are looking for in this blog or what you are expacting from me.

Hope, will get nice support from you guys.



Bangalore, India


5 Responses to “About Me, My Thought and My Bangalore”

  1. meenu Says:

    Hi Margoneem !
    I read your posts. I liked it . I got to know about “Forum Nokia Code Camp – SERIES 40 JAVA, IIIT-Bangalore, India August 27, 2008″. I visited there. It was very informative for me. I look forward for further events to know on your blog”MARGONEEMS WEBBLOG”.This blog will defenately help those people who do not want to waste anytime searching for latest events.
    Thankyou !


  2. stranger Says:

    Try to learn how to write blog and improve your english.


  3. ESSKAY Says:


    MN Bhai Congrats on completion of 10 years in Bangalore. After 2 years u will definitely get a GOLD CARD [similar to green card of america from all Bangaloreans ] —– joking.

    I am a fan of urs who is happy in criticising u and ur activities but pls do not consider seriously.

    May GOD pour all his valuable blessings on you and your loved ones.




  4. Margo Neem Says:

    Thanks for your criticism which I am always looking for to improve myself, my blog.

    Long back, I have recieved a comments on my blog to write good english and I took that seriously and tried to improve my blog post.

    And believe me, that helped me a lot personally and for my blogger, offcourse, since they are getting better post comparitive to before.

    So kindly do criticise where ever you find room for improvement in this blog. Your always welcome.

    Once agian, Thanks a lot. Looking forward to get your more comments on other blog posts too in future.

    All the best for your future endeavour.


  5. Margo Neem Says:

    Dear Mr. Stranger,

    Though it’s late to reply you, First of all, thanks to comment on the blog post.

    Secondly, since this is comment for improvement for me and my blog, It does matter more than other regular comments.

    “Try to learn how to write blog and improve your english.”

    I improved me personally by such comment and now a days, I am keep posting after remembering you.

    Kindly do suggest us, anything else you are missing in this blog or some where this blog can be improved.

    Thanking You.

    Margo Neem.


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