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Festivals – Ganesh Chaturthi / Ganesha Festival, 2008 September 3, 2008

Filed under: Festivals of India — Margo Neem @ 6:36 PM

I have taken bath this day early soon at 6 o’ clock since this day is special for me, even though i do not wake up before 7.30 and some times 8 am.

Went Ganesha Temple early morning and liked the environment. Like the atmostphere there. After a long time (approx 15 days), I went to temple due to tight schedule and bangalore traffic which always makes me late for office.

Today, I had holiday. Good Day for celebration, enjoy. I was with my brother. He is too close to my heart. I can not expect to celebrate without him. We have taken Boondi Laddu and Rose Flowers for Ganesh Ji.

May be I have done some mistake or god was angry with me, by mistake, rose flower fell down by my hand when I was almost reached close to god (Do not take it otherwise) or you can say god idol. Any how I and my brother have managed with boondi laddu and ramaining flower and pray to god for forgive us, if we have done any mistake.

I have born and bought up in north india but since last 6 years in bangalore and probably till the life end would be in bangalore and would like to so called bangalorean.

At our home town, We celebrate as “Ganesh Chaturthi” but since last 6 years I am celebrating as Ganesha Festival. I like it most. South Indian Culture.


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