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Teacher’s Day 2008, 5th September September 3, 2008

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Hi All,

This event is not any technology or business side event but I like to celebrate this event each year.

If you forget the Teachers day, Its my duty to make all of you remember that Teachers Day 2008 is not far from us. It’s on 5 September.

Teachers does not means only the teachers or professors who taught in school or college. I personally feel, teachers is the person who have thought you or you have got something from him. For eg. Eklavya has Guru Dronacharya who have not taught him anything but Eklavya has learnt from him.

I wish my almost all teachers each year on teachers day, even though I am 28 year old and left college 6 years back but in touch with most of the teachers and professors atleast in a year.

Hope you can wish to your teachers. So start finding their contact information form friends or any other sources like your slam book.

Have a nice time.


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